We believe that your child is unique. We respect each child’s personality and believe in the potential of each individual.


Our programme provides high quality early childhood education through practical and life experience, all wrapped up with a sense of well being and fun!  Our children and their families are central to everything we do.


BPM operates from a beautifully converted villa nestled at Birkenhead Point. We have 4 teachers and are licenced for 30 children aged from 2.5 - 5 years. We offer 20 ECE hours for

children over 3.


Our mission

Our mission as educators is to foster independent, confident, academically prepared and caring children, who will become lifelong learners and problem solvers.  We will grow and evolve to meet the needs of our children, parents and community.


Sensorial comes from the words sense or senses. As there are no new experiences for the child to take from the Sensorial work, the child is able to concentrate on the refinement of all his senses, from visual to stereognostic.


This space has materials that help children learn about continents, cultures, maps, and land forms. Also, there are works such as magnets, animal classification cards, displayed nature items, and hands-on science experiments.


The purpose and aim of Practical Life is to help the child gain control in the coordination of his movement, and help the child to gain independence and adapt to his society. Exercises will in turn also help the child develop an orderly way of thinking.


This area has materials that help children learn to recognize phonetic sounds, to match sounds with objects, to read and write simple words, and to read beginner books


Children are given many opportunities to express themselves through art and music. They are also introduced to famous artists throughout the year.


This area includes materials to help

children learn to recognize and write

numbers, to count objects, to match

numbers with quantities, to order numbers to perform numerical operations, and to learn about the decimal system.

Our philosophy

Our teachers guide rather than control. They are here to provide opportunities for children to learn and an environment in which this is most easily achieved. Our teachers invite and encourage learning rather than impose it. Our emphasis is on giving the child the opportunity to progress at their own pace, rather than driving them towards rapid advance. We embrace the thinking that children tend to excel driven by their own thirst for knowledge.


We encourage inclusion of all peoples no matter of race, gender, religion or abilities. We believe in imparting knowledge of grace and courtesy so children can learn to become peaceful and inspirational for their future world - a place where they will be happy and content.



Our Montessori programme


      108 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead Point

      09 550 3443

Open 8.30am to 3.30pm


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